Paintless Dent Repair in Dallas

Paintless dent repair is a great option for fixing unsightly dings and damage on your car. While technicians cannot perform this method on every dent, it is great for certain situations. It is affordable, efficient, and quick.

When Can I Get Paintless Dent Repair?

Technicians employ this method of dent repair when the damage is superficial and doesn’t compromise the paint. Paintless dent repair works great on hail damage, for instance. If you have a door ding or some damage that has pushed in the car exterior without exposing the underlying metal, paintless dent removal might be a great option.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

This form of dent repair is considered superior to the traditional method using filler and paint because it is much quicker, easier, and more affordable. Conventional repair can take a week or two. However, the paintless method usually only takes a day or two. Our technicians use special tools to pull the dents out to the car’s original state. When dents are in difficult locations, the technicians carefully remove panels within the car to reach the dents. There is no need for sanding, filler, or matching paint. The car is truly restored to its original state. It is best not to wait to get dent repair done. While a dent may not have compromised the paint, leaving the dent alone for too long can cause the dent to crack and eventually peel.

Advantages of Paintless Dent Removal

When it comes to paintless versus conventional methods of dent removal, there are many advantages to going the paintless route. If your car is an older vehicle it has more than likely sat in the sun for many, many hours. This means your faded paint job is going to be hard to match perfectly. Because, as the name reveals, paintless requires no painting, your pulled out dent will look normal after the fact. In fact, paintless dent repair actually restores your car to its original condition. Paintless dent removal is also environmentally friendly. Our technicians do not use any harmful solvents or chemicals to repair your vehicle. And best of all, this method is much more cost effective as less material and labor are used.

Do You Have Unsightly Dents, Dings, or Hail Damage?

If so, you don’t have to cringe every time you look at your vehicle anymore. Bring your car into our shop for quick, easy, affordable repair. Feel free to give us a call. We work with most insurance companies to fix certain problems.