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Three Reasons You Need Hail Damage Repair Right Away

No matter what size hail the storm produced there seems to always be some damage left behind. This can be particularly painful if a storm happens while your car is not under some kind of protection. Many car owners choose to forgo hail damage repair because they think the problem is simply cosmetic. It doesn’t interfere with their engine and so they continue to drive with the pockmarks all over their vehicle. However, while for the meantime hail damage doesn’t do any harm, over time the cosmetic problem can turn into something much worse. At Dallas Dent Team, we understand the critical need to get your hail damage repair done right away.


Hail Damage Repair Will Save Your Paint Job

When the tiny dents all over the vehicle are not treated, the indentations are left to hot and cold elements, including the sun’s UV rays. Maybe not in a week or two, but over time the creases will start to crack and chip off. These tiny chips will continue to spread if the issue is still not taken care of. Tiny cracks will turn into chips, which will spread into spots across your car. Taking care of the hail damage repair right away will ensure you keep your car’s paint job intact.


Save Your Car From Rust

If you allow the hail damage to sit too long and become chipped paint you may end up with rust. This happens when the bare metal is exposed to moisture. Even continual morning dew can be enough moisture to cause a problem. Rust can act like a bad rash on the surface of your car. If it spreads you may end up with holes and weak spots.


Maintain the Value of Your Car

If you let hail damage go too long your car will have the appearance of neglect. Not only that, many insurance companies will only honor a claim that is made within a specific time frame. So, if you do decide later on to get hail damage repair, it may be more of a costly endeavor. Instead of pulling out the dents with paintless dent repair, you will need a more extensive repair job to possibly fix the rust and other issues.

In addition, if you get hail damage repair done right away you can maintain the value of your car. Our experts can get your car looking new again. Even more so, since paintless dent removal doesn’t require paint or body work, it doesn’t need to be reported on your CARFAX. This is simply because this kind of repair is minor work. It also only takes one to two days to complete. If you are interested in getting your car’s appearance repaired and saving yourself from more problems later on down the line, give us call today.

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