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Hail Damage and Car Insurance

Hail can cause varying degrees of damage to your car. The cost to repair it can be alarming because the damage is often spread across the entire vehicle. This includes broken glass, holes in the roof, and even engine damage. In fact, hailstorms cause more than $1 billion in property damages every year. This figure includes damage to vehicles. The good news is that many people are covered for hail damage under their car insurance.

How Hail Damage is Covered by Car Insurance

If you are unsure as to whether or not your policy covers hail damage, then it is important that you look into it, before your car is pummelled by ice balls from the sky. Many people are covered and do not even realize it. That is because comprehensive coverage safeguards you financially against a whole host of hazards, This includes hail damage. However, bear in mind that if you only have a basic liability policy your carrier will not help pay to repair your ride after a hailstorm. Comprehensive coverage can also help with theft and run-ins with animals. Therefore, if your car was saved from hail damage, but a creature used it to take cover, you are still covered.

Keep in mind that you are not completely off the hook when it comes to payment. You are still responsible for paying the deductible, if you have one. However, it is rare for the cost of fixing the damage to be less than your deductible. So, it still pays to get your insurance company involved. It is also best that you do so as soon as possible. This will help to speed up your claim and get you back on the road quicker as your car was not the only one affected by the storm.

Hail Damage Repair is Not Found Money

Many people have policies wherein they receive a check from their insurance company minus the deductible and are in no way forced to actually have the repairs done. If you fall into the category, it is important that you do not simply pocket the money. This can lead to even more damage to the vehicle in the future, as rust can grow. Not only that, but if you are still paying off the loan or have a leased vehicle, you are required to have the damage repaired. If you are not forced to have the hail damage repaired, bear in mind that not doing so will affect the amount you get for the car, should you choose to resell it in the future. Plus, no one wants to drive around in a dinged and scratched up car.

If your car was the victim of hail damage and you are in the Dallas area, contact the Dallas Dent Team. They can restore your vehicle’s appearance in no time.

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