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Find the Right Car Paint Shop for Your Repairs

When you need repairs from a car paint shop, it is never an easy ordeal. Whether you need some minor work done, or you have experienced a car accident, seeing dings, dents, and other damage on your car is disheartening. Before you stop at just any shop you should take several factors into consideration. You want to make sure that you find a shop that is reliable and provides honest repair.

What Kind of Repair Do You Need?

To determine what kind of repair you need for your car you should examine the damage closely. When it comes to car paint and dent repair there isn’t one fix it all solution. There are several types of dent repair that are different and each can be used in different situations. A repair for dent damage will be very different than the repair for a fender bender. When you examine the damage done to your vehicle be sure to take note of the paint. If the paint is not penetrated or cracked, paintless dent repair might be right for your situation. If the underlying metal is visible a Bondo filler and new paint will be necessary. Whatever the case may be, our car paint shop can conduct both types of dent repair.

Is the Shop ASE or I-CAR Certified?

ASE and I-CAR are the associations that certify car body shop and car paint shop technicians. They require rigorous testing and ongoing education to ensure that car shop technicians remain up-to-date and educated on all aspects car paint and body repairs. When you see these emblems on the windows of your car paint shop you can rest assured knowing that the technicians in this shop will be professionals. It is also a clear sign that the shop you are at cares about providing quality service. The work performed will definitely be a step above other shops.

Dallas Dent Team Car Paint Shop Can Help

Dallas Dent Team only employs ASE and I-CAR certified technicians to work on your vehicle. Our experts can fix anything from hail damage, door dings, scratched paint, to body damage from car accidents. If you have repair needs and are looking for a reliable, honest repair shop, you have found the right place. Whether you are paying out of pocket or using an insurance claim, our experts can help you with each step of the process. Contact us today for more information.

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