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Should You Consider Buying a Car That Has Been Through Hail Repair?

If you are in the market for a used or pre-owned car, then you may want to look into one that has been through hail repair. AAA said in a statement, “All in all, some minor hail damage on a car might result in a nice discount on an otherwise great vehicle.” However, there are some steps you need to take in order to make sure this is the case.

How to Buy a Car That Has Had Hail Repair

There are eight steps that you need to take before finalizing a deal on a vehicle that has had hail repair.  First, be sure to examine the car closely and look for damage that may have been missed during repairs. Then, have the vehicle inspected by a professional technician. If you are purchasing from a dealer, be sure to ask if the repairs are covered under the warranty for the car. You also need to call your insurance agent to find out if the car is still eligible for comprehensive insurance and if you are financing the purchase, make sure your lender will provide funds for a hail-damaged car. You should also consider the impact the damage may have on the resale value down the road.

Another thing you need to do is check with Carfax.com or another similar site to find out what, if any additional damage has been done to the car. However, be aware that not all damage is reported as paintless dent removal, or PDR, does not have to be listed under the title. Finally, look to see how much a car without hail repair is worth and offer around 20 percent less. After negotiations, this will ensure that you get a fair deal. However, should you find a vehicle that has been to the Dallas Dent Team for hail repair, then you do not have to worry, because then you know it was done right.

How to Buy a Car That Needs Hail Repair

If the seller or dealer has not fixed the damage as of yet and is selling a vehicle that is still in need of hail repair, the advice from above still pertains, however, there are some additional steps you need to take. First, be sure to get an estimate on how much it will cost to have it fixed. If the seller gives you a quote, multiply it by four and take that figure off of what the car is worth when making a deal.

If you are selling a car that needs or has had hail repair done, be sure to keep these points in mind so you know what to expect from those looking to purchase your vehicle. An additional step you can take to give your buyer peace of mind is to take the car to the Dallas Dent team. Then, you know it has been fixed correctly and no one has to worry. Give us a call today!

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