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Common Car Paint Job Blunders

If you are in need of a car paint job your car is probably in bad shape. This can be a stressful and worrisome time for you. Whether you are dealing with door dings or the aftermath of a car accident, you may be questioning if the damage will be repairable. You might be wondering if the damage will still be noticeable even after some paint work is done. When body shops don’t employ qualified, certified technicians or rush through their work, noticeable mistakes will happen.

Mismatched Paint

The biggest problem that car paint shops have is matching paint colors. This is because it is actually very hard to match car paint. Most newer models have a tag on the door of the vehicle that gives paint color number. It is a good idea for a technician to just go ahead and use this number if they are painting the whole vehicle. However, if the paint is for a small region or just a portion of the vehicle this is a lazy move. Unless a car is very new, this paint hue will more than likely not match anymore.

A good, well-trained technician will tint the hue up or down. They will also know several painting techniques to blend the color into the area on your car. These are the small details that can make all the difference.

Car Paint Job Mistakes

Common car paint job mistakes include dust in the paint or obvious drip marks. Again, these are signs of lazy technicians that don’t pay attention to detail. Dust is very common in paint shops. Lots of sanding, welding, and grinding happen all day long. Not only that, even a clean car will harbor dirt in crevices. Dust in the area and dirt trapped on a vehicle combined with the sticky surface of drying paint can be a disastrous mix. The dust and dirt will appear like small bumps all over the vehicle. A good and skilled technician will take the time to wipe off a car and tape off areas that aren’t getting painted properly to prevent dust from drying into the paint.

Another common mistake is drips or sags in the paint. These sorts of mistakes will show even more on metallic or glittery car paint jobs. An unreliable painter may rush through a job to get it in and out of the shop. Other times the settings on the paint gun might be off which can cause the paint to coat on too thick.

Inspect Your Car Before You Pay

There are two steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of the car paint job. Be sure to inspect the car thoroughly in natural light to make sure there are no imperfections. If you mention any seen mistakes during this time you can get your car back later that day or the next day. If you wait to find an imperfection at home you will have to make an appointment. This process can take lots longer.

Before you even get that point, you can be sure to pick a car paint shop that is skilled in what they do. Don’t take your beloved vehicle to a place that you cannot trust. Secondly, look for the ASE and I-CAR emblems on the front door. This is a clear sign that the shop takes quality and skill seriously.

Call the Dallas Dent Team for Your Next Car Paint Job

We take good craftsmanship and customer service seriously. We only employ experts and we maintain ASE and I-CAR certifications. You won’t find lazy mistakes or half-hearted work at our shop. Call us today for more information.

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