Professional Collision Shop in Dallas

Scratches and chips can be severe enough to go deeper than the layers of paint – which can easily turn into rust. When this happens, a mere touch-up usually won’t correct the problem to your satisfaction. However, there is a fix. We will get your car paint job done right the first time.

The first step in getting your vehicle’s paint repaired is to find a reliable shop that employs I-CAR certified painters. A shop that only employs the best will give you the peace of mind knowing your car will come back to you with all of the problems completely gone.

Once your car has been fixed, our expert painters will then give you car a fresh new look. It can be very disheartening to see scratches and chips on the paint of your vehicle. Even if others don’t notice – you do, and it becomes more annoying every time you look at it. You’re right to take chips and scratches seriously. One small chip can turn into a more severe problem – like rust.

Not only that, keeping your vehicle in pristine condition is a hard task. You do everything you can to avoid dings and dents, but they’re inevitable. It is painful to see scratches add up on your shiny exterior. With our touch-up services, we can have your car looking new again.

When it comes to quality service, we deliver. Only ASE and I-Car Certified technicians will work on your vehicle’s paint. You can rest assured knowing that only experts with advanced knowledge will be working on the damage to your car.

Timing is Everything When it Comes to Car Paint Jobs

From your vehicle’s paint getting chipped by rocks hitting your car, to gravel from road construction, to fender bender accidents, it’s important to have your car’s paint repaired as soon as possible. If you leave dents exposed to the air too long, the metal will corrode and rust. The worst issue with rust is the fact that it spreads. If you don’t take care of a dent in time and rust forms it can be the equivalent to a rash on your car. There is a possibility that it can spread throughout the area greatly decreasing the value of your vehicle. The last thing you want is to damage the resale value of your car.

When you bring your car to us as soon as a dent happens, you can be sure it will get fixed right. Our experts at our car paint shop will ensure that the dent is covered, the paint is matched perfectly, and your vehicle is returned to its previous condition. When making your choice of where to leave your car for paint repair, you want to make sure they will fix any blemishes that show up right after painting.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Consumers should always ask questions when they look for goods and services – auto paint repair is no exception. Ask about our shop’s warranty or guarantee – how long it lasts and what it covers. Most shops will give you a free written estimate that will help you make your decision. Be mindful of what sounds like a super-cheap deal. Sometimes you get what you (don’t) pay for. Here at Dallas Dent Team car paint shop, you can expect quality work performed by experts.


Car Rental Service at Our Car Paint Shop

If your car paint repair is going to take more than one day, we will provide you with a rental vehicle. Whether you have coverage for a rental on your insurance or not, we will be sure to provide you with a vehicle so that you can continue your daily routine without interruptions. Whether it’s at your home or work, we will provide free pick-up and delivery service for optimal convenience.


Dallas Dent Team is Here to Help

Getting your car repaired as soon as you notice a problem will save you time and money in the long run. If you are in need of excellent, professional paint shop for your vehicle, you have found the right place. We only employ certified, knowledgeable experts. Our technicians have the ability to get your car taken care of right. Please contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.